Success Stories

The Frontliners.

Dearest Deedee,

Thanks alot. We have enjoyed every moment of our exercise regime. Whatever movements and stretches that you put us under, we took them in good strides because of our love for the fun classes that we attend under your watchful eyes and to the tune of fantastic selectios of music and songs.

We stretch and sweat, tire and even wanna cry, but still we struggle happily.............honest.

For your information, after all these wonderful years, going to class on Saturday and Sundays; rainy days a pleasure, no regrets.

I am particularly happy as I receive comments from friends and acquaintances about my stamina and my ability to manage my physique at this tender age, not to forget the glow on my look....ehem.

I am sure my partners also feel the same... all these are due to your hardwork in training us and making our attendances at the class to be so thrilling. You have made us able to cultivate a culture of enjoying exercises.

Thank you once again for nurturing us.

The Frontliners,
Jamaliah Saharuddin aka Datin, Mimi, Maznah, Hamidah, Hendon.