Success Stories
Jamilah Sukern, 52 years old.

I frequently had back pain and knee problem. I joined DeeDee fitness class on 2004.

I was brisk walking at Tampines Stadium. With her sweet smile she introduced me the Pilates and aerobic class conducted by her. That was the first time I know what is Pilates. It is amazing.

I attend the class every Saturday or Sunday. I can only attend once a week as I'm working.

Last time I was plum (rounded), had less stamina and is easily tired. I apologize for not regularly attending her classes. Due to family commitment I have to balance my schedule.

Deedee, even though I skip classes, I tried my best to do them at home because you always inspire us during the class.
Deedee’s classes are SOO good, I pulled my daughter in. Exercising with Deedee not only relaxes me physically, but also mentally. We always feel good and happy under Deedee’s supervision.

She is always sincere and jovial. She never makes us feel bored during the exercise classes.

In July 2009 when my sister asked me to climb Mt Kinabalu (4095m), I have confidence in myself because I felt I have the strength and stamina to do so.

At 52 years old, conquering Mt Kinabalu is a reward and achievement.
I would not have a chance to witness the beautiful scenery if I did not have the courage to do so.

When I climbed, I practiced the breathing techniques that Deedee taught us. The cutest thing was, we had to climb 700 steps to the peak. During the climbing, I imagined the steps were the aerobic box and Deedee was in front of us, leading us.
Thank you Dee Dee, with your help, we were able to reach the top of the Mountain.

Yours sincerely,
Jamilah Sukern