Success Stories
Mary Ng.

Dear Dee Dee,

It has been more than 2 years since I start to exercise with you. I have been an enthusiast in exercise regime including aerobics from the age of 30+. However my first session with you was really a pleasant surprise to me. The session appeared to me not just an exercise class, but a dance and singing concert where the participants were performers of the concert. I could not believe then that an exercise session could be so fun and lively.

Besides your energetic and well-crafted routines in each session, you have never failed to pay individual attention to us. You are more than just an exercise trainer, but also a great motivator, a health adviser and dear companion to exercise with.

Your exercise classes have become my weekend priority routine. I always enjoy the exercises without which I would feel uneasy throughout the week.

I, and I am sure, many ladies alike, hope that you can be there for us as long as possible.
I wish you all the best and Good Health always.

Warmest Regards and Compliments of the Season
Mary Tan.