Success Stories
Noraishah Idrus.

I joined Dee Dee's exercise group about 5 years ago (2004). I remember it was after the fasting month and I saw an article in Berita Harian.I called the mobile no. stated and was told to come that weekend.

The reason for wanting to join the class was that I felt that i was overweight, considering that my height is 170cm the weight and the height made me look rather huge. The exercise has not only helped in reducing my weight by 10 kg but it has also helped in my mental and physical well-being. I enjoy all classes especially Body Sculpting.

In Nov 2008, I went to Egypt for a break. It was a 10-day trip covering Cairo, Alexandra, Sinai and Fayoum.

At Sinai, one of the acitivies was climbing Mount Sinai. It was very challenging experience for me as it was my first time climbing a mountain. I started at 2am and reached the peak at 5am. I was very happy. The view from the peak was simply spectacular.

I would like to thank you for all your encoragement and guidance. If not for the exercise, I do not think that I would have been able to make the climb.

I was a size 20 in 2004/2005, now in 2012 I'm a size 16.