Success Stories
Mdm Saadiah Ali.

My Journey to Successful Weight Lost

When I first joined Deedee’s classes, I was really big and my weight was about over 10kg. Because of my huge size, my friends give me a nickname “Mummy Mok” which means Fat Mama.
Some of my colleagues even called me “Teddy Bear”.

I was diagnosed with arthritis, high blood pressure and mild diabetic. Though my face did not show my true feeling, I was frustrated and hurt of all the remarks given by my friends and colleagues. One day, I consulted my friend, Norhida on how to lose weight.
She told me about Deedee’s exercise classes and the idea wandered on my mind whether I can really lose my weight. I decided to give it a try.

One Sunday, I went to her class with zero knowledge on the exercises. I was sitting on one of the benches holding one umbrella which act as my walking stick. That very day, Deedee gave me a bit of confidence and guided me slowly. Her motto is “Listen to your body and do it slowly”.

Week by week, I became more confidence of myself and slowly I saw a changed in myself. My weight was gradually decreasing and I feel more energetic than before. I started out having difficulties in performing the exercise but now, I can do whatever exercise in her classes.

My weight now is 69kg and I have lost over 40 kilo within 8 months.

Thank you to Deedee and without her motivation, I think the “Fat Mama” will always be the “Fat Huge Mama”.