Success Stories
Shasha Ashita.

My name is Shasha Ashita and I’m a home maker and part of PSG in my daughter’s school. Having to raise my two young children single-handed, I must say that all my time has been taken up by the usual chores that a full time mother does.

I hardly have time to exercise and to my horror, my weight had gained from 53 kg to a hefty 68 kg! I have tried various methods of indulging into many forms of so called ‘miracle’ diet pills. But nothing seems to be working and I always find myself being disappointed. Two month ago, a close friend of mine suggested that I should try the ‘real’ attempt to loose weight.

She had then recommended me to attend an all women work-out class which commences in the weekend. In desperation to shed these kilos, I accepted her suggestion. One sunny Saturday morning, all geared up with high hopes to succeed, I went to Tampines Swimming Complex, Vanda Room Dance Studio where the class was held.

Well, since then, the rest is history. All I can say is that the fitness class which was led by an inspirational individual named Dee Dee had really changed my life. Ever since my attendance on every weekend to her fitness class and her guidance to eating right, I’m proud to say that slowly, but safely, I have managed to loose weight! And during weekdays, I do my work-out in the comfort of my home with the help of her fitness dvd and besides that I do go down to east coast or around my area to do some cardio movement.

I have never felt so good in my life ever before. Now, I have lost a total of 10 kg in two month and I feel wonderful. I have more energy to do almost anything and my mental alertness benefited too! My gratitude goes out to ‘GORGEOUS’ Dee Dee whom had helped and inspired many women of all ages, especially myself.

I would strongly recommend women who had gone through tough times in the fail attempts to loose weight, NOT to give up hope. You can definitely succeed if you are willing to find the way. With the right support of caring and dedicated individuals, nothing is impossible.

Trust me…