Success Stories
Zarina Salahudin.

I have attach a photo together with my colleagues when I am overweight. Alhamdulillah, together with your continuos motivation and always advise on the foods intake, I have lost in total 15kg.
My previous weight is 80.5 now 66kg.

The first time I came to your class was mid of may this year, I was a bit shy due to my overall appearance as this is the first time but with your smiley face and the songs which I truly enjoyed, my shyness disappear as u always told us that no matter what, just come to the class and bring your body only.

I really envy your strong spirit which you always full of energy, thumbs up deedee.

The lessons that I attend without failed was:
• Saturday:body,abs and thighs & body contouring
• Sunday:Step aerobics & pilates