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Elisa Chan
I am a 56 years old Caucasian foreigner who is fortunate enough to live in Singapore and have met Dee Dee and “Dee Dee’s Girls”. In fact, I proudly consider myself one of her “girls” and attend every one of her classes and events that I can. I hate to exercise but love her classes and am the fittest I have ever been, exercising with women 30 years younger and keeping up with them! I find this amazing since I was a couch potato and overweight my whole life.

In August 2005 I was fat, weighing 72 kg at 156 cm tall. I knew that if I didn’t lose weight I could develop diabetes and high blood pressure as I had abdominal fat. I was also starting menopause and knew that my metabolism was slowing down so if I didn’t do something about it, I would only gain more weight as I aged.

I am a nurse and see the effects of obesity on patients all the time but thought I was different and didn’t have to exercise. My nutrition is excellent but this didn’t work and I never lost weight. In fact, I hated to work out so much I used personal trainers 2-3 times a week. I had to force myself to work out and knew that if I paid a trainer I would show up to work out. They were great and started me on my weight loss journey.

In August 2010 I weighed 63 kg, I had lost a lot of weight but I still didn’t feel comfortable and my blood pressure was high. The doctor told me if I had one more high reading he would put me on medication. I decided that I was going to exercise and cut down on my salt intake to lower my blood pressure.

I happened to see that there would be an exercise class in my work place. The teacher (Dee Dee) was bright, happy, motivational and inspiring. Most of all her class was FUN. I decided to check out her website, and see what other classes she offered that I could attend.

I have lived in Singapore for 11 years and had never been in a community center and had no idea how to get to Tampanies. Although I drove from my home in Woodlands I got lost and ended up driving in circles around the swim complex not knowing where I was and many people I asked did not understand me.

When I ran late into class I was shocked to walk into a room of women and I was the only Ang Mo, or Westerner in the room. In fact, I was the only foreigner as I am an American. I can only wonder if the women were as shocked to see me as I was to see them.

I tried to hide in the back of the room as these women were well co-coordinated and energetic, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by not being able to follow the exercise steps. Dee Dee wouldn’t hear of it and moved me behind her so I could watch her moves, but more importantly she could watch ME and make sure I didn’t hurt myself. The class was so much fun and everyone was so warm and inviting that I wanted to go to more of her classes.

I showed up again on Sunday so everyone figured I hadn’t fallen into the class by mistake. I loved Dee Dee’s classes and all the new friends I was making.

Every extra activity Dee Dee conducted I attended. I did Body Curve with her twice and Retrorobix as well as every Saturday and Sunday class. Whatever she said to do I tried to do no matter how silly or awkward I looked. I take the bus, from Woodlands to Tampanies getting up at 5:30 am every Saturday and Sunday to make sure I am class on time.

As a health professional I was struck by Dee Dee’s knowledge. She teaches women about their health and bodies during class and I am learning how to say leg and stomach in Malay! Every class begins with health instructions. While exercising she walks around to correct improper movements that can could cause us injury. Dee Dee talks about nutrition and good health habits while we exercise.

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