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Mother-Daughter Fat to Fit with Dee Dee Sucess Stories

At my heaviest, which was in October 2013, I was 120kg. After joining Dee Dee’s classes and F2F programme, I am currently 89kg.

I don’t know exactly when I crossed the 100kg mark or became “severely obese”. I used to be active and able to do a variety of physical activities, but once I was done with school and all those PE lessons became a distant memory, I rarely exercised or stepped on a weighing scale.

Some people get very worried or upset when they gain some weight, but I think my biggest problem was that I didn’t care at all. I had no control over my diet; I just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I skipped meals when I was busy and overate later in the day.

So the weight kept increasing and I kept ignoring the consequences. I thought that I was healthy despite being overweight as I rarely fell sick, had no medical issues, and I took vitamin supplements regularly.

However, in 2013, I started noticing aching in parts of my body that never ached before, especially my knees. For the first time since I started working, I had to take medical leave. I knew then that I had to do something to be healthier and happier.
My mother Noorlia had been persuading me to exercise with her when she started joining Dee Dee’s classes, but I was so stubborn, arrogant and defensive about my health and weight. I thought I could do it alone, or even not at all. I was extremely reluctant to join F2F because I was shy about my weight and about exercising in front of other people. But common sense got the better of me – if not now, then when?

It was really convenient that my mother was in the programme with me too, as she does most of the cooking and we could make healthier choices together when shopping or going out to eat. My mother was my assigned “buddy”, and we reminded each other to stay healthy. I found that once you make a healthy lifestyle a habit, it is easier and it doesn’t seem like a chore. It even becomes something you look forward to.

I kept reminding myself: Eat at least three times a day, frequently but in smaller portions, convert to whole grains where possible, and eat only nutrient-rich foods. Record everything. There were times when I ate what I was not supposed to, but I still recorded everything to remind myself of what it cost me. Over time, healthy food intake became a habit. Even though I still like the taste of a lot of unhealthy food, I found that healthy food can taste great too. Healthy food does not just taste great, it makes you feel great. The wiser choice was obvious.

Exercise was a bigger problem. Most weeks, I would only get a chance to exercise during the weekends. I tried to make time to exercise at least half an hour 3 times a week, and if I didn’t, I just tried to do my weekend exercises with a good level of intensity. Through the programme, I learnt a variety of strength and cardio exercises that work out the entire body, tips on proper ways to stretch and exercise, and I incorporated these into my personal exercises.

The psychological insights from the programme are also really useful. There are two things I will always remember from the programme whenever I slip up or feel like I can’t continue on my own:

“Dust off and move on”. It is ok to slip up once in a while, but don’t let that make you feel like everything is wasted.

“I will do it”. Will, not can. Discipline comes from holding yourself accountable. Monitor food intake and exercise, and if you can’t do that, it helps to have “buddies” to remind you and to go through the journey with you.

I feel that the most valuable thing about being part F2F is the support you get from Dee Dee and the people around you. It not just the knowledge you gain that matters, or the actual hours you put in exercising. People who tend to be critical or doubtful of exercise/weight loss programmes will definitely say that all the information can be Googled, and we can also exercise on our own.

That is indeed true. But that was what I kept telling myself for years and it has never worked. In a life full of commitments and distractions, knowledge only works when you have the willpower and focus to act on it. Not everyone has that kind of self-discipline. Going through F2F with a group of encouraging and highly motivated people has ignited the focus in me to continue on this journey beyond the programme.

Our wonderful Mentor and Coach Dee Dee has been such an inspiration in her own weight loss journey and her undying dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle. She radiates positivity and energy, and was able to change my mindset to feel the same way. Thank you so much Dee Dee for bringing out that strength in me and guiding us through this entire journey!
This year has been the most stressful year of my life so far, but I think without the benefits of joining F2F I would probably have been miserable, tired and sick all the time. A healthy body makes all the difference in the world. I’m really glad that I took up this opportunity despite my initial reservations. It is still a work in progress, and perhaps that progress is a bit slower now that the sessions are over, but one thing’s for sure – I will go forward, not backward!

Diana Othman

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